The aim is to bring together experts from the industry, universities, and entrepreneurs from the additive manufacturing sector. In addition, above all, customers of solutions based on 3D Technologies in the most diverse areas of application, creating an opportunity for constructive interaction.

The OIC3D_21 brings together experts from industry, universities, entrepreneurs and, above all, customers of 3D based technologies in the most diverse areas of application such as Aerospace, Automotive, Health, Education and Construction

In partnership with OIC3D_21, the NGO 14bis Aerospace is organizing, within the event, a panel dedicated to the use of Additive Manufacturing in the Aerospace sector

Invited Speakers

Guilherme Cunha Airbus -France

Joana De Medina Stratasys - France

Moisés Domingues CODI -Portugal

Bernardo Kuster EOS - Germany

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